Washington DC Solar Rebates and Incentives

Renewable Energy Incentive Program

Program Type Rebate
Technologies Photovoltaics and Wind

3 per watt for the first 3 kilowatts, $2 per watt for the next 7 kilowatts and $1 per watt for the next

10 kilowatts. Not to exceed $33,000

Required Documentation Prequalification application, receipts and contracts, including grid-tied agreement with a utility
Official Web Site http://green.dc.gov/green/cwp/view,a,1244,q,461562.asp

The Sustainable Energy Trust Fund is able to provide up to $2 million a year in rebate funding to D.C. residents who install new photovoltaic solar or wind power generation systems.

The systems must be grid-tied and cannot exceed the expected onsite use of the facility. The program is accessible to both residential and commercial applicants, though rebates cannot exceed $33,000 per installation. Government facilities and public schools are not eligible.

The program started in 2009 and is funded through September, 2012. The program does not offer rebates to companies installing systems on homeowners’ roofs with power purchase agreements. The property owner must wholly own the system. The rebate has to be used within six months of its receipt. Homeowners can apply for another six-month extension. If they do not apply for an extension or do not submit required documentation within six months, the District Department of the Environment will put a lien on the homeowner’s property.

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