Texas Solar Rebates and Incentives

Texas Rebates and Incentives Summary


Texas is still a little frustrated that it’s not the biggest state anymore, nor home to the United State’s biggest oil reserves. Alaska can claim both those titles, but it can’t best the Lone Star state in one important way, renewable resources. Texas was a big player in the development of its wind resources in the late 1990s.

Though it's known for its big wind, the state ranks second in the nation for solar potential. Enough sunshine falls on the state to provide most of its energy needs with just a little investment in solar power.

Texas has seen its economy and its population surge in recent years. As a fast-growing state with a strong economy and plenty of new business, the state has seen a rapid increase in demand for energy.

With all that demand, it seems like Texas would be investing in solar at an equally feverish pace. But the state slipped from 10th place for installed solar in 2012 to 13th place in 2013, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. With 218 megawatts of installed solar at the end of 2013, the state wasn’t shining above its peers.

Still, Texans are installing solar. The state had more than 300 solar companies in 2013 and installed 75 megawatts of solar that year alone.

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