North Carolina Solar Rebates and Incentives

NC GreenPower Production Incentive

Program Type Performance-based Incentive
Technologies Photovoltaics, Landfill Gas, Wind, Biomass, Hydroelectric, Methane, Anaerobic Digestion
Amount Varies by technology and customer demand for NC GreenPower
Required Documentation

Sign up card filled out with NC GreenPower representative, or for small solar and wind systems

online applications are available

Official Web Site

NC GreenPower is a statewide program designed to encourage the use of renewable technologies by offering payments for grid-tied electricity generated by solar, wind, small hydroelectric, and biomass systems.

Payments for most green energy are contingent upon an open bid consideration process. However, owners of small solar and wind systems that generate 10kW or less are encouraged to receive program incentives at any time by filling out an online application available on the NC GreenPower website. Another important side note is that owners who opt to enroll in a net-metering program are ineligible to receive incentives through the NC GreenPower program.

As far as compensation goes, the rates vary depending on the type of renewable technology, and are not guaranteed because NC GreenPower is a non-profit organization funded exclusively by volunteers.

Generators are required to enter into power-purchase agreements with their North Carolina electric utility and with NC GreenPower, and production incentives are based on the amount expected to make the installation of renewable-energy systems approach economic feasibility based on payment per kilowatt hour (kWh).

For example, owners of small solar-electric systems can expect to receive $0.10/kWh from North Carolina Green Power plus approximately $0.04/kWh from their utility under the power-purchase agreement, for a total production payment of about $0.14/kWh. Owners of small wind-energy systems receive $0.09/kWh from the program, plus approximately $0.04/kWh from their utility, for a total production payment of about $0.13/kWh.

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