New Mexico Solar Rebates and Incentives

New Mexico Net Metering

Program Type Net Metering
Technologies Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal
Amount Up to 80 megawatts (MWs)
Required Documentation

Interconnection agreement sent to customer’s utility for systems up to 10 kW. For larger systems,

additional studies and paperwork are required.

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New Mexico allows customer-generators producing up to 80 megawatts of electricity to sign up for net metering—the highest in the country.

Customer-generators, businesses and industrial operations may qualify to net-meter. Systems up to 10 kilowatts (more than enough for most homes and small businesses) may sign up using only the interconnection agreement. When customer-generators net meter, they sell any renewable energy credits (RECs) to their utility.

Utilities set the rate at which they reimburse customer-generators for the electricity and generation credits. For net excess generation, net-metered customers must be credited at the utility’s avoided-cost rate for power produced. In addition, the credit either is carried forward to the next month’s bill, or if net excess generation exceeds $50 during a monthly period, the utility will pay the customer-generator for the power produced. Net metering customer-generators producing less than 10.1 kW of power do not need additional equipment other than an inverter capable of being tied to the grid to enter into net-metering arrangements with their utility. The rates paid to customer-generators are set by their utilities.

The three main utilities in the state, PNM, Xcel Energy and El Paso Electric, all offer performance-based incentives in addition to the net-metering payments. The performance-based incentives are purchased by the utilities in the form of RECs. The utilities use the credits to count toward their renewable energy portfolio.

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