USB Renewable Energy Fund

Program Type Utility Grant Program
Technologies Photovoltaics, Wind and Hydroelectric
Amount Photovoltaics: $3.00 per watt, up to $6,000 maximum
Required Documentation Request for Proposal (RFP) Application
Official Web Site

NorthWestern Energy offers residents a utility grant program in which funds may be allocated to pay residents for excess energy derived from small-scale photovoltaic install projects that feed energy back into the grid.

The program, called the Universal Systems Benefit (USB) will allocate $3/watt of energy to an install project, up to $6,000. Interested parties need to contact a qualified solar installer. USB funds are available from a $1 fee on all residents’ energy bill in order to promote the installation of renewable energy devices.

Funds are allocated for the same year that they are collected. If funds have been used up by the time an application is received, it will be transferred to the following year.