Mississippi Solar Rebates and Incentives

Energy Investment Loan Program

Program Type State Loan Program

Photovoltaics, Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Solar Thermal Electric, Solar Thermal Process

Heat, Landfill Gas, Biomass, and many more

Amount $15,000 - $300,000
Required Documentation Energy Investment Loan Program Application
Official Web Site http://www.mississippi.org/index.php?id=340

Mississippi’s state loan program is available to commercial and industrial businesses as well as large residential projects that fall under applicable zoning and building laws usually in agricultural areas. This program offers a low fixed interest rate of 3 percent below the prime rate on a seven-year repayment plan. A maximum of $300,000 can be borrowed.

The state loan program is supported by a revolving loan fund of $7 million provided by federal oil overcharge funds.

To apply for the energy investment loan program, potential borrowers must fill out an energy investment loan program application available through Terrance Spears at the Mississippi Development Authority by phone at (601) 359 3552 or online by email at financial@mississippi.org.

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