Illinois Solar Rebates and Incentives

Illinois Net Metering

Program Type Net Metering
Technologies Photovoltaics and other renewables 
Amount Credited to customer at retail rate
Required Documentation Applicants must apply with their investor-owned utility
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Illinois’ net-metering program, which began began April 1, 2008, requires all investor-owned utility companies operating in the state to credit solar customers at the retail rate for the power they feed back onto the grid.

Under the state’s net-metering law, customers are eligible to receive a one-to-one retail rate credit for renewable energy generation of 40 kW or less. Larger systems, those between 40 kW and 2 megawatts, receive credits equal to the utility's avoided cost for excess generation.

Potential savings depend on how much energy is generated by the system. But all net-metered customers in Illinois must pay fixed interconnection fees to connect to the electric grid. Other states have waived such fees.

Net-metered customers retain ownership and title to all renewable-energy credits and greenhouse-gas credits associated with customer generation and can sell such credits as they choose.

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