Delaware Solar Rebates and Incentives

Delaware Rebates and Incentives Summary

Delaware is a geographically small state with a relatively small population. But it’s making big progress in the solar industry. The state boasts progressive energy policies that encourage an ever-larger number of new rooftop solar installations as well as utility-scale solar projects.

Delaware ranked 22 nationally for total installed solar energy capacity in 2013, according to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The state is home to 42 solar companies employing 510 people and has more than 59 megawatts of installed solar energy capacity.

The Solar Foundation gives Delaware an A grade for its net metering policy an notes that it’s one of few states allowing third-party companies to own rooftop systems and sell the power back to the property owners, enabling more people to install solar without upfront investment.

Delaware also has an aggressive renewable energy portfolio standard, requiring utilities to source 25 percent of their energy from renewable resources by compliance year 2025-2026.

To meet those requirements the state’s utility companies offer incentives to homeowners and small businesses, including farms, to go solar. The state also offers low-interest rate loans to support solar and other renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency improvements for residents in the state.


(Updated December, 2014)

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