Delaware Solar Rebates and Incentives

Delaware Rebates and Incentives Summary

Delaware is a geographically small state with a relatively small population. But it’s making big progress in the solar industry. The state boasts progressive energy policies that encourage an ever-larger number of new rooftop solar installations as well as utility-scale solar projects.

Delaware ranked 22 nationally for total installed solar energy capacity in 2013, according to data from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

The state is home to 42 solar companies employing 510 people and has more than 59 megawatts of installed solar energy capacity.

The Solar Foundation gives Delaware an A grade for its net metering policy an notes that it’s one of few states allowing third-party companies to own rooftop systems and sell the power back to the property owners, enabling more people to install solar without upfront investment.

Delaware also has an aggressive renewable energy portfolio standard, requiring utilities to source 25 percent of their energy from renewable resources by compliance year 2025-2026.

To meet those requirements the state’s utility companies offer incentives to homeowners and small businesses, including farms, to go solar. The state also offers low-interest rate loans to support solar and other renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency improvements for residents in the state.


(Updated December, 2014)

Energize Delaware ENERGY STAR Rebate

Program Type Rebate

Home energy efficiency upgrades


Varies per utility

Required Documentation Energy audit, completed application and use of an approved vendor                                     
Official Web Site


Delaware’s Green Energy Program used to host a rebate program through the state’s utilities for solar installations, but that has halted. The state, however, still rewards home and business owners for saving energy. Following an ENERGY STAR audit, your contractor can submit a rebate reservation that will allow you to collect the following amounts for energy efficiency upgrades to your home.


Limited Time Offer Rebate Amounts  for 2014

Home Energy Audit

$ 300.00

Air Sealing 20% Improvement

$ 675.00

Air Sealing 30% Improvement

$ 900.00

Duct Sealing 20% Improvement

$ 675.00

Add R-20 Attic Insulation

$ 750.00

Add R-30 Attic Insulation

$ 900.00

Knee Walls

$ 300.00

Crawlspace Wall Insulation

$ 600.00

Floor Insulation (open crawl)

 $ 600.00

Rim Joist


Wall Insulation (min 50% of walls)

$ 1,500.00

HP Tier 1: =>14.5 SEER and => 12 EER and => 8.2 HSPF

$ 450.00

HP Tier 2: =>16 SEER and => 13 EER and=> 9 HSPF

$ 675.00

CAC Tier 1: => 14.5 SEER and => 12 EER

$ 300.00

CAC Tier 2: => 16 SEER and => 13 EER

$ 525.00


$ 450.00

Furnace Tier 1: => 90 AFUE

$ 300.00

Furnace Tier 2: => 94 AFUE + ECM Blower Fan

$ 525.00

Boiler ≥ 85 AFUE

$ 750.00

Heat Pump Water Heater from Electric Resistance

$ 600.00

Heat Pump Water Heater from Fossil Fuel

$ 600.00

Natural Gas/Propane Tankless Domestic Water Heaters


  • Rebates are capped at 50% of the total installed cost up to the incentive level indicated; whichever is lower.
  • Excludes geothermal heat pumps. Visit for more information on available geothermal heat pump rebates through Delaware's Green Energy Program.

Technology And Demonstration Grants

Program Type Rebate
Technologies Passive Solar, Solar Thermal Electric, Photovoltaics, Wind, Hydroelectric, and Fuel Cells
Amount Up to 25 percent of equipment costs
Required Documentation Completed application, relevant permits. Proof of local code compliance
Official Web Site N/A

This program is no longer available.

Delaware Net Metering Program

Program Type Net Metering
Technologies Photovoltaic, Wind, Biomass, Hydroelectric, Small-scale Hydroelectric, and Fuel Cells using renewable fuels
Amount Retail power rate, up to 110 percent of expected use
Required Documentation Completed application and inspection from the local Utility
Official Web Site

Delaware’s net metering program credits home and business owners for the excess power they generate using solar, wind or hydro systems at the retail power rate. Those who generate their own power can roll credits over from one year to the next or request a pay-put at the end of the year if they are owed more than $25. However, the payouts for excess credits are paid at the wholesale rate.

Those participating in a community solar garden with multiple subscribers are only credited at the retail rate for excess power they generate if the garden facility is on the same distribution feeder as their home or business. If a subscriber gets his or her power from a different distribution feeder, he or she is credit at the wholesale electric rate instead.

SREC Pilot Procurement Program

Program Type Performance-based incentive
Technologies Photovoltaics

Dependent on system size and winning bid price

Required Documentation

Accepted Completed Solar System Interconnection Application

Official Web Site


Delaware’s traded a rebate-style incentive programs for this performance-based incentive for solar. Delaware’s Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) program was designed to create an SREC market within Delaware, upon which solar owners (home and business) could sell credits for the solar energy they produce.

The credits help utilities reach their renewable energy portfolio standard requirements.

The tiered program makes installing solar particularly economically advantageous for Delaware home and business owners. Prices for the credits are determined in competitive bidding and are guaranteed for 20-year terms.

In 2014, the tiers are as follows:



Number of SRECs per year

Estimated Contract award scenarios




~(630) @ 5kW




~(23) @ 50kW




~(2) @ 500kW




~(630) @ 5kW




~(323) @ 100kW


Delaware Solar Power Financial Incentives


Financial Incentives

Performance-Based Incentive

State Loan Program

State Rebate Program

Utility Rebate Program

Rules, Regulations & Policies

Building Energy Code

Energy Efficiency Resource Standard

Energy Standards for Public Buildings

Generation Disclosure


Net Metering

Public Benefits Fund

Renewables Portfolio Standard

Solar/Wind Access Policy

Solar/Wind Permitting Standards


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