Colorado Solar Rebates and Incentives

Xcel Energy Solar Rewards

Program Type Performance-Based Incentive
Technologies Photovoltaic

Incentives are reduced over time as certain thresholds, in terms of solar installed, are met.


updated 8/20/14


• Customer-owned systems up to 25 kW: $0.03/kWh for first 10 years of production

• Third-party-owned systems up to 25 kW: $0.01/kWh for first 20 years of production

• Customer and third-party systems from 25 kW to 500 kW: $0.06 for the first 6 megawatts and $0.05 for the final megawatt. 

• Systems 25-500 kW: $0.06/kWh for first 6 MW and $0.05/kWh for last 1 MW

Required Documentation

Reservation Letter

Interconnection Agreement

REC Purchase Contract

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In addition to net metering, Xcel offers a performance-based rebate program that reduces the cost of solar installations.


This program is so wildly popular that Xcel suspended it for all of 2013. When the utility opened it again June 20, 2014, it only took five days for the number of applications Xcel received to exceed the program capacity. The utility is still accepting applications, but won't assign a new REC amount until it has a final decision on the Renewable Energy Standard, which isn't expected until September or later.


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