Colorado Solar Rebates and Incentives

Xcel Energy Solar Rewards

Program Type Performance-Based Incentive
Technologies Photovoltaic

Incentives are reduced over time as certain thresholds, in terms of solar installed, are met.


As of 10/5/2012:

Customer-owned systems up to 10 kW: $0.14/kWh for first 10 years of production

Third-party-owned systems up to 10 kW: $0.9/kWh for first 20 years of production

Systems 10.1 kW up to 500 kW: $0.09/kWh for first 20 years of production

Required Documentation

Reservation Letter

Interconnection Agreement

REC Purchase Contract

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This popular program has paid over $263 million dollars in incentives to customers,  supporting more than 11,000 systems and 127 megawatts of solar in Colorado. Over time the rebates have changed, from an up front rebate of $2 per watt as recently as 2010 to a performance-based incentive only program, meaning Xcel purchases the renewable energy credits (RECs) produced by the system at a fixed kilowatt per hour rate for a period of 10 years for customer-owned systems and 20 years for third-party owned systems, like systems installed under power-purchase agreements. Homeowners can install a system up to 120 percent of their current electric  use under the program. The company uses bidirectional meters to determine how much energy the system produces. 


Xcel customers with solar can also net meter their system, meaning that customer generators are credited for producing net excess generation. If, over a year period, the system produces more energy than the household consumes, homeowners can elect wither to have the credit roll forward indefinitely or they can receive a yearly payout. The payment is at a rate comparable to the utility's avoided-cost rate.


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