Arizona Solar Rebates and Incentives

Residential Solar and Wind Energy Systems Tax Credit

Program Type Personal tax credit
Technologies Solar: Photovoltaics, passive solar space heating and cooling, solar hot water, solar ovens, solar cooling, solar pool heating, daylighting, and wind.                                                                                          
Amount $1,000 maximum credit
Required Documentation Receipt of cost
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Residents in Arizona are eligible to claim a personal tax credit for up to 25 percent of the cost of various types of solar (including photovoltaics water heating and more) and wind equipment and installation. However, the homeowner can only claim up to $1,000 annually. But the credit also can be claimed until it reaches the 25 percent threshold or up to five years after the first year’s claim.


Equipment covered under the program include solar water heaters, daylighting, ovens or other solar energy devices. The state requires residents obtain a certificate from the seller of the equipment stating that the equipment complies with Arizona’s solar energy equipment requirements.

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