Arizona Solar Rebates and Incentives

Solar and Wind Sales Tax Exemption

Program Type Sales tax exemption

Solar: Photovoltaics, solar space heating passive and active, solar hot water, solar thermal electric, solar pool heating, daylighting and wind.

Amount All sales tax on the equipment
Required Documentation None
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Arizona offers home owners and the general public complete sales tax exemptions on solar or wind power equipment. There is no maximum amount for the exemption in terms of purchase price. To take advantage of the exemptions from tax the retailer or contractor must be registered with the Arizona Department of Revenue prior to selling or installing renewable energy devices covered under the exemption. This exemption, coupled with Arizona’s solar and wind equipment property tax exemption, reduces the prices of solar technologies and other renewables. And, in 2012 the exemption was expanded to include the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs). However, some municipalities in Arizona may have their own sales tax, which is not preempted by the state law.

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