Arizona Solar Rebates and Incentives

Income Tax Subtraction for Energy Efficient Residencies

Program Type Personal income-tax deduction
Technologies Energy-efficient properties
Amount $5,000
Required Documentation Qualifying energy rating from a certified home energy rater
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Anybody who sells a qualifying energy efficient home in Arizona can get a personal income tax deduction for 5 percent of the selling price of the home, up to $5,000, in the year the home is sold. What “qualifying” means is that the residence must be rated at least a score of 90 points on a home energy rating. A rating of 90 points, by the way, indicates that the residence is at least 50 percent more energy efficient than the 1995 Model Energy Code.

It’s pretty complicated to figure out, but homeowners probably don’t need to worry about it, since the certification needs to be done by a certified home energy rater

If the home you’re selling is given a score of 90 points or more by the home energy rater, file a deduction with your state income taxes of 5 percent of the selling price (no more than $5,000), keeping in mind that the definition of “selling price” excludes fees, taxes, or any other costs beyond the actual sticker price.

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