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exampleLooking for our solar lead program?  Go Here operates and maintains one of the largest and most popular directories of solar installers in the US.  To be included in our directory costs nothing, just submit your information after registering as a User (see register button at top right of this page). After creating a listing with your company's details we will review it and publish it.  Note: make sure your company is not already in the directory.  If it is then you may be able to claim it by clicking the Claim This Business button found at the top of your detailed listing page.  You will need to be registered and logged in in order to do this successfully.

Get Started: To begin you must register to create a user account. Soon after you will receive an email from us containing a confirmation link. Click on that link and you will then be able to add your information for your business to the solar installers directory. Note: once you have created an account you may create multiple company listings. This is advisable for companies with far-flung offices. While your California office company listing will suffice for attracting business in CA and NV, that might not work best for your office in NJ. You may also work under a different company name for your solar hot water business than that which installs PV. Again, best here to create two separate listings.

Verfied solar business In addition to the basic listing we also have what we call a Verified Business badge. This badge provides consumers the assurance that we have recently reviewed your listing and business to verify you are actively providing installation services and your website is viewable. We look for a small snippet of code on your active website to confirm that you are still up and running and as a result automatically display a badge on your listing. The badge is automatically removed if we cannot find the code snippet (found below). You specify in your account details where on your website we can find the code snippet. 

New to the site is the ability to make your listings Featured. This makes it more likely that your listing will appear at the top of a page whether that be a search results page, a state page or a city page. Pricing is $299.00 for 6 months and $499.00 for 12 months. After you create a Basic listing you will then be able to upgrade it to Featured.

There are also new options for images on your listing. For more information on that please Go Here. If you have any other questions or problems, please don't hesitate to email us

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Verfied Business code snippet.
Choose which link you would like to appear on your website and then copy and paste the corresponding HTML from the right-hand box.  Don't forget to tell us where on your site you have placed this Badge.  Enter the Link URL in your listing's details.

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