AlabamaAlabama Solar Installers

Unfortunately, as of this writing, Alabama has few incentives for solar installations. There are 21 states in the country with renewable energy portfolio standards, and five states that have renewable energy goals. Alabama is not part of either group.

Alabama does get plenty of sun, and has a small group of dedicated, reliable solar developers and contractors in the state.

And for residents that live within the Tennessee Valley Authority’s network, there is a one-time rebate for installing solar energy at a property.

According to a recent study on the solar industry in America, Alabama ranked 8th for states that would be most helped by increasing solar capacity. So be a part of the benefits. Simply fill out our short solar inquiry form, and get an estimate from one of the many installers in the state or look over some of the companies in our network.

ColoradoAlaska Solar Installers

Alaska is certainly the leader in solar phenomena in the U.S. With winters, almost no sun during the day, to summers, almost constant sun, and the Northern Lights, the state is chalk full of activity.

However, because the state is sparsely populated, the energy infrastructure isn’t what it is in the lower 48. But that doesn’t stop Alaska from providing a few choice solar rebates and incentives, among them are the Alaska Renewable Energy Grant and the Golden Valley Alternative Power program.

And where there are incentives, and sun, there are solar installers a-plenty.  So either fill out our short solar inquiry form for an estimate on a home or business solar energy system or peruse our list of Alaska solar installers below. And stay warm out there.

ArizonaArizona Solar Installers

Arizona, like many states in the Southwest US, has abundant sunshine which makes it a great location to install solar power. Arizona solar installers are among the busiest in the country and is amongst the top states in the country for solar output..

Great incentives and rebates are available to home owners and businesses for Arizona solar installation.  Find out more by talking to one of the many Arizona solar installers in our network today. We have solar installation professionals servicing Tucson, Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, Scottsdale, Phoenix and just about everywhere else in Arizona.

If you are like many people who don't have time to do the research or make inquiries yourself, then let us help you. Simply fill out our short solar inquiry form and we'll find you reputable and experienced Arizona solar installers in your local area and put you in touch with company representatives who can evaluate your needs and provide proposals for you to review. It’s free, easy, and there is no obligation.

NJ printer gets the picture with solar


Solis PartnerPictorial, a family-owned, New Jersey commercial printer since 1938, is now benefitting from its new solar rooftop. It’s a757 kilowatt photovoltaic array installed by N.J.-based Solis Partners.

Printing companies use a fair amount of electricity running printing presses, machine operated cutting machines and more, so it’s no surprise that the system, which covers two-thirds of the 197,000 square-foot headquarters, is anticipated to provide more than 20 percent of the facility’s energy needs. With nearly 3,000 modules the array is expected to generate approximately 782,200 kilowatt hours in its first year.

Pictorial was able to get a solar loan from Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) to fund part of the solar array. Pictorial will repay the loan through the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) that it will generate. Its PSE&G’s second solar loan program and a third round of the program is under consideration by the N.J. Board of Public Utilities (BPU).

Under the terms of the contract, PSE&G will receive the SRECs for fifteen years, according to a spokesperson for Solis. The long-term contract with the utility helps ensure a uniform price for the SRECs, while the more short-term market goes through periods of variability, which recently have led to SREC price declines in many states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania. “Utility financing programs offer SREC certainty in an otherwise volatile incentive market throughout the northeast,” said the spokesperson. “For the utility ratepayers, it smooths out and reduces longterm REC obligations, and for the entities looking to go solar—it provides the certainty needed to finance projects (it's the one true line item in a proforma other than utility pricing; really fills the market void).”

While the company’s been around for a while, it doesn’t mean it’s stuck in the mud in terms of conservation. It’s been building its green credits since the 1980s, it recycles, has worked to reduce water use and conserves electricity. For instance, in addition to installing the solar roof, it recently upgraded its lighting to an energy-efficient fluorescent lighting system with motion sensors, prior to installing the array. “They did it beforehand.  It’s the best approach, bend down your baseline and size solar appropriately,” the official said. Pictorial also the first company to participate in the Sustainable Forest Initiative’s chain-of-custody registry and among the first to offer Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified printing paper.


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