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Mazzetti gets WREGIS qualification, doing more solar

Mazzetti ets WREGIS certificationAs solar and other renewable energy and onsite generation becomes a bigger part of its business, consulting, planning and engineering firm Mazzetti Nash Lipsey Burch has received a certification allowing it to provide renewable reporting agent services.

Mazzetti announced this week that it is now qualified to serve as a reporting agent for the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System. That means the firm can measure its clients’ onsite renewable energy generation and officially report it to the agency that tracks generation to determine how companies are reducing their emissions and contributing to state Renewable Portfolio Standards. In states that have renewable energy credits, the reporting distinction is particularly powerful.

While the certification from WREGIS is significant, it’s just another step along the path of Mazetti’s growing business in renewable energy generation. The firm works with corporate clients to help them manage their energy consumption.

“We have been involved in with the solar industry for a while,” said Courtney Richardson, a renewable energy consultant with Mazzetti. “For five years, we’ve been working closely with clients creating onsite generation and energy efficiency upgrades.”

Richardson said she works with corporate clients to help them craft their own renewable portfolio standards and goals and then helps them develop projects that will enable them to achieve those goals. “Onsite renewable energy generation can be a major part of a company’s sustainability plan,” Richardson said.

She recently worked with a corporate client with a goal of getting 13.5 percent of its power from renewable onsite power generation by 2010.

“In California, the most feasible option is solar photovoltaic panels,” Richardson said. Mazzetti helped the company install 11 megawatts of solar PV at several of its California campuses.

Mazzetti is working with the client to find the best onsite renewable generation options for the client’s other campuses in other states.

Mazzetti has been working with solar more and more frequently and Richardson said she doesn’t believe it will slow down. New HVAC regulations will make energy use reduction even more pressing, Richardson said. And building owners who used to see energy efficiency improvements as voluntary will likely begin to feel a greater sense of urgency about them.

“I believe the demand in this industry is going to be exponential,” Richardson said.

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