Kyocera aims to expand installer network with new partnership program

Kyocera expanding installer networkKyocera Solar has developed a program that it says will help the company expand its national footprint through a growing network of installation partners.

Kyocera announced last week the introduction of its Diamond Partner Program that will give new and existing solar installers who offer Kyocera solar modules early access to the latest products and technology innovations along with training, lead generation tools and enhanced technical support. The company also offers partners a best-price guarantee.

The program is designed to help Kyocera expand its network of installers, said Cecilia Aguillon, director of marketing and government affairs for Kyocera.

“We’re going to focus on emerging markets and nontraditional solar players,” Aguillon said.

While the partnership program will benefit existing Kyocera installers and any traditional solar companies that might pick up the company’s modules, Aguillon said Kyocera is initially focusing on recruiting companies that could benefit from adding solar to their menus, but who don’t already offer it.

The ideal candidates are roofers, builders, electricians and professionals who install solar hot water heaters, but not solar PV.

“We will work closely with them and mentor them,” Aguillon said. “We can help them build their business.”

Business owners who work in contracting fields already have most of the technical skills they will need in order to be able to do the work, Aguillon said. More importantly, they already have clients who might be interested in solar. This partnership gives the business owners access to a new product they can market to clients – allowing them to grow their business without moving or making any major changes.

It also gives Kyocera feet on the ground that already know the local market. Working with known contractors in markets where solar doesn’t already have a large following will help get Kyocera panels in front of potential consumers who might not think to call a solar installer.

“Initially, we’re going to concentrate on emerging markets like Louisiana and Utah,” Aguillon said.

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