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Fox Films get more solar power in its mixTwentieth Century Fox Film Corp.‘s stars will soon shine a little brighter. The company is contracting with SPI Solar to install a new photovoltaic rooftop at its Century City studio complex in California. The new array is a 230-kilowatt array on soundstages 26 and 29.

It’s SPI Solar’s second act at the site.

Earlier this year the company installed a 160-kilowatt rooftop array at the complex’s studio in Building 99.

“They’re simply increasing the overall amount of solar they had online. They’re taking out a little more of their electric bill [with the new array],” said SPI Solar spokesperson Mike Anderson. “They really liked the first system and the work we did on it and working with us well enough that they invited us back for an encore.”

The new array more than doubles the amount of solar at the site. However, it won’t get the complex, which has multiple buildings, entirely off-grid. But the new array will help the company, an arm of News Corp., meet its sustainability goals as well as reduce its electric bill.

“They’re doing it for environmental and economic reasons,” Anderson said.

SPI Solar also has installed solar for some of News Corp.’s other subsidiaries.

“They’ve invited us back to several locations, a branch in Santa Margaritas (Calif.), and in Stockbridge, Ga.,” Anderson said.

The other California solar installation is at a local Fox affiliate, and the location in Georgia is an automotive-auction site.

“They’re a fairly diversified company and are very environmentally conscious,” Anderson said. “They have a very robust sustainability initiative and green practices throughout their organization.”

Other companies have also come back to SPI Solar for multiple solar installations, according to Anderson.

“We have several repeatable footstep customers like Fox. Some companies have enterprises spread across the geographic U.S., or even in other countries,” he said.

Part of the reason SPI Solar has had the repeat business is because of the savings the projects generate for the sites.

“All of our distributed generation projects are taking out some portion of their electric bill,” Anderson said.

Image courtesy of SPI Solar.