Solar Energy News | Clean Energy News Tue, 28 Jul 2015 02:22:23 -0400 en-gb ( New York's new community net metering makes solar accessible New York’s new community net metering rules mean solar energy, along with the savings and environmental advantages that come with it, just became more accessible to low-income and all residents in the state.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week that the state’s Public Service Commission approved new rules allowing for community net metering. The commission is calling the package of policies its Shared Renewable Program. Both the program name and the term community net metering are fairly descriptive of how the program will work.

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Will California count rooftop solar in portfolio standard? When California legislators vote to increase the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard to 50 percent by 2030, will rooftop solar count toward the total?

Many will be surprised to learn that rooftop solar doesn’t currently count toward utility companies quota requirements.

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Solar advocates argue Nev utility lied for net metering cap Nevada solar advocates are outraged at the state’s largest utility’s seemingly deceptive tactic to trick the legislature into enacting a net metering cap that could begin limiting rooftop solar installations before September.

Nevada lawmakers were tasked with deciding whether or not to increase the net metering cap this spring and ultimately made a small boost from 225 megawatts to 235 megawatts. But they might have made the decision with bad information from the state’s biggest utility provider.

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Obama initiative encourages solar in poor neighborhoods Solar energy is the perfect solution to providing low-cost power to the poorest people and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. If only we could find a way to encourage solar adoption where it would make the most difference...

The Obama administration is announcing a new initiative today that will encourage solar energy development in the poorest communities.

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The US is generating far more solar energy than thought It turns out there is a whole lot more solar energy being generated in the United States than official reports indicate – about 50 percent more.

That’s a pretty big deal. When official reports fail to count almost a third of the nation’s solar production, it has a significant impact on policy and perception.

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Solar Impulse 2 proving the power of solar energy Flying across the Pacific Ocean isn’t such a big a deal these days. It doesn’t seem like there are many records to break or milestones to hit anymore. But one innovative new plane slowly piloted the world into a new era Tuesday.

The Solar Impulse 2 broke the record for the longest solar-powered flight in distance and duration as it reached the halfway point on its journey across the Pacific from Japan to Hawaii.

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What US utilities can learn from Australia Westar Energy in Kansas last week joined a long list of US utility companies that foolishly believe they can stand in front of tidal waves with their hands up like traffic cops to stop the rising threat rooftop solar poses to their business models.

As US utilities tack on fees and try to charge customers with rooftop solar installations more than those without them to stem the tide, the rest of the world has already realized those punitive efforts are futile and will do little more than distract utilities and delay their inevitable demise.

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Rooftop solar industry booming Residential rooftop solar is making more and more financial sense to homeowners across the country, which is driving record industry growth.

There were 76 percent more residential solar installations in the first quarter of 2015 than in the first quarter of 2014, according to the US Solar Market Insight report from Greentech Media released this week.

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MIT study favors utility-scale solar over rooftop solar While MIT’s recent 332-page report on The Future of Solar is making headlines for it’s bullish outlook on solar energy’s ability to change our nation’s energy future, its position on residential rooftop solar isn’t so sunny.

The report could cause some issues for distributed solar generation. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is prestigious and reputable.

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Georgia legislature unanimously votes for third-party solar After the Georgia legislature unanimously passed a bill Friday to allow third-party financing for rooftop solar installation, advocates expect the state to see massive solar industry growth in the state.

The bill still has to be signed by the governor and media has reported that governor’s stance on House Bill 57 is unknown. But a unanimous vote in any legislative body is pretty impressive these days.

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Rooftop solar raises real estate values I recently went home shopping with some friends in Southern California. Aside from the striking price tags on the properties, two things stood out to me – swimming pools and rooftop solar panels are inherently desirable real estate inclusions.

Walking into an open house we stalked online, my friend’s husband said, “it already has a pool. That will save us $20,000.”

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As public perception changes solar energy poised for explosive growth In his State of The Union Speech, President Barack Obama noted that Americans are flipping the switch on as much new solar power every three weeks today as they did in all of 2008. There are good and growing reasons for that explosive growth.

And all indications are that solar adoption in the United States will only continue to accelerate in the coming years. The reason: solar technology is advancing rapidly. It’s becoming more and more affordable and more and more popular.

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Solarize programs spurring East Coast solar installations Investment in rooftop solar along the East Coast is soaring, in part, because of popular solarize programs.

Solarize programs concentrate a solar installer’s marketing and installation efforts in a singe community to reduce overhead so community members can enjoy discounted solar installation prices. Cities can coordinate the events on their own, though many Eastern states are providing funding and marketing support for communities that decide to encourage residents to go solar.

Nearly 100 people attended a Solarize event in Avon, Conn. Earlier this month.

“It was a great workshop,” said Jill Appel with Astrum Solar, the installer selected to lead the Solarize Avon program. “It’s so energizing talking to be at these events because they’re all excited about it.”

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We could go all the way – these entities are going 100% renewable Going 100 percent renewable sounds like something that Masdar City is doing over there in the United Arab Emirates. It doesn’t seem like something an average American city, company or utility could pursue right now. But it is happening.

Several environmental groups are working to assist municipalities and businesses that are making the pledge to get all their energy exclusively from renewable sources like solar and wind. And more and more are committing to doing it.

Azaar, an environmental campaign organization recently submitted a petition to the United Nations featuring signatures from 2.2 million people around the world who support a push for 100 percent renewable resources.

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