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Obama Administration championing solar

Read more...The Obama Administration announced Thursday that the Energy Department is pledging $15 million to help communities develop aggressive plans for installing more solar energy.

The announcement was just one news piece among several that are promising for continued solar industry growth.

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Colorado solar advocates speak up for net metering

Read more...Rooftop solar advocates raised their voices in Colorado this week.

The Alliance for Solar Choice, a solar industry group focused on public policy, coordinated several events aimed at raising awareness and support for solar among Colorado lawmakers and regulators.

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NRG leading business model sea change for generators

Read more...NRG Energy, one of the country’s largest power generators and electricity retailers, purchased one of the country’s biggest residential solar companies last week, making the utility a leader in adapting its business model to the changing energy landscape.

NRG announced that it purchased New Jersey-based Roof Diagnostics Solar last week. The solar installer, which has more than 475 employees across the country, will now operate under the name NRG Residential Solar Services.

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Vermont passes progressive net metering expansion

Read more...While utilities in a number of states throughout the country are fighting to scale back net metering programs for rooftop solar, Vermont has passed progressive net metering expansion legislation.

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Rooftop solar winning battles with utilities

Read more...The rooftop solar industry has had a triumphant couple of weeks in its defensive battles with utility companies over net metering policies.

Just this month, Utah, Washington, Louisiana and Vermont legislatures and regulators have chosen rooftop solar system owners’ interests over those of the utilities.

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