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AllEarth Renewables looks to expand into NY because of legislation

As New York considers legislation to incentivize solar installations, at least one manufacturer is looking to expand into the state. AllEarth Renewables, based in neighboring Vermont, announced plans today to partner with New York solar installers and grow its business.

“We’re encouraged by the conversations in New York and the legislative progress they’re making,” said AllEarth spokesman Andrew Savage. The state has several solar-friendly bills on the docket that are likely to spur growth there. “New York is a state that we’ve been considering for quite a while,” Savage said. “We have known that they were making legislative progress.”

AllEarth, which manufacturers AllSun Trackers – pole-mounted solar systems equipped with GPS and wireless technology to follow the sun throughout the day and boost energy production – has already expanded into other Northeastern states this year. The company partnered with installers who have put trackers in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. New York is an obvious expansion location for AllEarth, Savage said. “We have 1,300 to 1,400 solar trackers installed, literally, right on the other side of the border from New York.”

Savage said he’s not sure when legislation will go through, but he’s optimistic it will happen soon and that it will have a lasting impact. “It will increase the size of the targets,” he said. “And it will increase long-term certainty in the industry.” Those factors are key in a new market. And AllEarth is poised to be in on the ground floor of an emerging solar industry in one of the country’s most populous states. “In the next few months we plan to be identifying and partnering with solar installers,” he said. “And then it should start to ramp up pretty quickly.”

AllEarth CEO David Blittensdorf said in a release that he sees tremendous opportunity in expanding to New York.  “With the right policies, we see a future market in excess of $75 million-a-year for our company alone in New York,” Blittensdorf said. “We are very aware of the solar legislation currently under consideration and believe it is a critical step toward providing greater certainty to the market, making solar readily available to consumers, and creating good local jobs in New York,”

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