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5 lucky families in San Diego are getting free solar installations

A Sullivan Solar Power installation in San DiegoThat’s thanks to all the folks who bought solar arrays from Sullivan Solar Power during the 2012 Solar Holiday Drive. Under the program, Sullivan, in partnership with GRID Alternatives, donated one module for each system it contracted under the drive. The result, 46 new installation contracts, which means 46 modules the company will install on the homes of five low-income residents in San Diego County.

“The initiative ended more successfully than we had envisioned. We are grateful to be in a position to provide the gift of solar energy to families who need financial relief from high electricity costs most,” said Founder and President of Sullivan Solar Power, Daniel Sullivan.

As Clean Energy Authority previously reported, the drive started just before Thanksgiving. It turns out the ultimately more than 1 customer per day signed up during the drive, held during a relatively slow season for residential sales.

"GRID Alternatives is thrilled to have partnered with Sullivan Solar this holiday season to bring the gift of clean green power to families who really need the savings," said Paul Cleary, Regional Director of GRID Alternatives.

“The installations will begin in the spring and into the summer,” said Sullivan spokesperson Erica Johnson. “The projects will be installed by non-profit organization GRID Alternatives and some Sullivan team members who volunteer their time and expertise to the projects,” she added.

Sullivan has previously worked with the organization. “Sullivan Solar Power partnered with GRID Alternatives in 2011, with a different initiative partnered with the City of Chula Vista,” Johnson said. “In 2012, we partnered again, but specifically for the holidays as a way of our company giving back to those who need it most. The 2012 Solar Holiday Drive has been extremely rewarding for the entire Sullivan Solar Power team.”

GRID Alternatives is a California-based nonprofit focussed in installing solar in communities that may not otherwise have access through its Solar Affordable Housing Program. It uses the neighborhood barn-raising approach that encourages community members to help their neighbors out and helps educate people about how to install solar.

By using the community, and volunteer-based installations, the organization has helped more than 1,800 families and 10,000 people gain hands-on experience to install solar.

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