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TEAL Electronics designs and manufactures commercial and utility scale Balance Of System solutions, including Configurable DC Combiner Boxes, Re-combiners, and String Level Monitoring systems for the Solar industry. Specializing in modified standard and custom products for your site layout, TEAL supplies UL-1741 listed products with 600V and 1000V ratings. Contact TEAL today for your Balance Of System needs! TEAL - We Power Technology!

TEALsolar Combiner Boxes - Configurable from 8 to 36 strings, in steel or non-metallic enclosures, with optional DC disconnects, TVSS, Breather/Condensation vents.

PVobserver String Level Current Monitoring - Designed for larger commercial and utility scale PV plants, the PVobserver enables cost effective performance monitoring to help diagnose underperforming strings.

StraightShot Combiner - Designed to allow for larger conductors without requiring a 90 degree wire bend, for long PV wire runs where the combiner box may be several hundred feet from the inverter.

RoofMount Combiner - Combiner Box designed for horizontal mounting in roof top systems, with no holes or penetrations through the top (enclosure door). Combined with a side mount disconnect switch handle and a condensation vent, this unit minimizes leakage from water or snow melt into the combiner.


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