Business Directory Tips

Adding your business to our Directories can provide your company with instant exposure to thousands of people daily looking for your services.  Here are a few suggestions to help you put your best foot forward and provide some answers to frequently asked questions.


Claiming Ownership:

If a business listing is not currently associated with an account a small button will appear allowing for someone to CLAIM a listing.  A CLAIM is manually reviewed and must be approved before being accepted.  If the CLAIM button does not appear than that means someone has already claimed it.  If you feel this is in error please write to us at

Creating multiple listings:

If you have several offices across the country you may create a seperate listing for each if it makes sense.  Companies often do this when the contact information, services etc. differ from location to location.  You may create as many listings as you want as long as the titles of the listings are different, i.e. the Southern California office should be named "Great Solar Company - San Diego" while the Northern California office should be named "Great Solar Company - Sacramento" or something similiar.  Geographical coverage may not overlap in this case.  Offices in different states may share the same name.  However If your PA and NJ offices both offer services in the same NJ county only one listing may choose this county.  If you have several offices to create at once it might be preferable to contact us at to facilitate this for you quickly.

image selector Images:

The first image you upload will by default be the primary image that appears in the Directory listings.  We recommend using your company logo for this.

Make your logo square, 200 pixels high X 200 pixels wide works best.  All other images can be whatever dimensions or orientation you like.  There is a 100MB file size limitation.  After uploading your images you can always change what is your primary image by toggling the radio button in the Edit mode.

manage listings

Managing your listings:

In order to edit or add new listings you must be logged into your account.  To create a new account register here.  After you have created a listing you may edit it directly by clicking on the Manage button within the listing or alternately going to the Account Management menu link available at the foot of every page (you must be logged in to view this menu).


Verified Listings:

We spend alot of time making sure that companies in our directory are reputable and open to help people.  We are constantly adding and deleting companies as they leave the business, merge with another etc.  We have devised a program we call the Verified Business program.  By placing a small badge / icon / link on your website our staff will know automatically that your website is still up and you are most likely still in business.  By entering a URL where this icon is on your site a small badge will appear on your listing notifying consumers that you are ready and able to be contacted.  See the Partner Page for more details.


If you are a solar installer and want even more business from referrals than what a presence in the business Directory can provide than we suggest taking a look at our Solar Lead Program.  Since 2008 has connected over 75,000 home and business owners looking to go solar in some manner.  Whether you are looking for PV customers in Philadelphia or solar hot water customers in Miami we can help.

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