United Solar Associates LLC

  • United Solar Associates LLC
    PO Box 496
    Maiden, MA 02148
    United States

42.4326041, -71.0557196

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
KW's Installed: 0
commercial properties

Every home is different, so we will start by talking with you about your energy needs and goals. We will review your historical electrical usage and evaluate your home based on amount of sunlight it receives thought the day and amount of available roof space.

We will then provide an initial project estimate to show you how generating your own solar power can lower your electrical costs and create an income

Here are the steps we will walk you through:
Free Feasibility Study
Free Cost and Benefit Analysis
Free site Evaluation
Design & Engineering
Comprehensive Proposal
Contract Signing, Procurement, and Installation Scheduling
Installation of your Solar System
City and Utility Inspection
Compliance and Production Reporting
SREC Trade Registration
Customer Care