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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv, solar hot water thermal, solar pool heating
KW's Installed: 3000
building performance institute
Licenses: Licensed Electrical Contractors
ases, interstate renewable energy council, seia
In Business Since:
residential properties, commercial properties, utility scale projects, municipal
Solar Sale USA prides itself on being an A rated Better Business Bureau solar panel contractor serving the Metro Atlanta Area.

Solar Sale USA has engineered over 500 solar energy and clean  energy solutions for residential, commercial, community and utility scale partners in the United States and serves clients worldwide. We are a team of dedicated individuals united by the same mission, to reduce energy costs and create energy assets through renewable energy generation, demand side management and return on investment strategies.

Solar Sale USA makes solar energy affordable for you.

Through our special green funding you don’t make any payments on your system until after your grants,incentives and tax credits are awarded. Solar Sale USA's mission is to reduce the cost of energy for our clients.  We employ a diversified approach to providing renewable energy technologies and load reduction expertise. Because needs can vary greatly among energy consumers, Solar Sale USA  is committed to helping our clients understand their unique energy challenges as well as delivering a highly customized array of services and products to address any energy objective.We educate you first for free, show you how to save money, and if choose to do business with us we have in house financing, install your system and complete your paperwork to become a part of the power grid.   Becoming your own power company isn't easy but we are experts.   A priority to serving our consumers is to fuel them with knowledge on energy efficiency and renewable energy. We have to reduce our carbon footprint as a community for future generations.


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