Green Futures Energy Corp

  • Green Futures Energy Corp
    3001 cedora terrace
    Sebring, FL 33870
    United States

27.518192, -81.438518

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv, solar pool heating
KW's Installed: 0
residential properties, commercial properties

Green Futures Energy Corp is the Sales and Marketing division of Coronado Solar a AAA+ rated solar-general-roofing contractor serving Florida with clients in W. Va., Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Bahamas, Ecuador, UK, New Zealand and Aruba. MexicoGreen Futures is the sales and promotions division of Coronado Solar and their mission is to grow the solar and renewable energy market in Florida. We are dedicated to bringing energy efficient solutions to residential and commercial customers by: making solar and renewable energy easy to understandproviding creative finance termscompetitive pricing on high quality productslow key informative and friendly presentationsdesigned to help consumers make intelligent decisionsconcerning their energy needs.

Green Futures Energy Corporation is the Sales and Marketing division of Coronado Solar. Our commitment is to assist consumers in making smart choices about their energy needs. We make it easy to understand what energy solutions are right for the individual customer. Whether you are a family who would like a little extra in yourbudget each month, a business worried about the bottom line or a Country recovering from disaster, we have a solution to fit your need. Green Futures provides FREEĀ  Energy Evaluations in your home or office and will show you how to start saving immediately. What is amazing: President of the Eagle Marketing Company, Ray Satterfield with over 3 years of Sales and Marketing experience has partnered with an established Florida solar contractor with more thana decade of solar installations to form Green Futures Energy Corporation. Green Futures is the sales andpromotions division of Coronado Solarand their mission is to grow the solarand renewable energy market in Florida