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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
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residential properties

solar system to existing construction can be a tricky proposition. Achieving high-efficiency without sacrificing aesthetics is a must. When you’re ready to reduce your power bill and increase your home’s value, call the company with the expertise to do it right.PowerHouse is a PG&E New Solar Homes Partner-Provider. Integrating solar into your new home’s construction will secure up to twice the rebates of a retrofit project, as well as a thirty percent Federal tax credit for SRCC-approved systems. When you count the thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs over the life of your solar system, it makes sense to include solar in your plans.

It is the mission of POWERHOUSE SYSTEMS INC, to deliver the most efficient and most reliable Photovoltaic systems possible, to precisely meet customer demands with our exclusive Target Energy Analysis Program (TEA).
POWERHOUSE SYSTEMS INC envisions a healthy environment that enables all communities to profit from innovation for decades to come.
It is the goal of POWERHOUSE SYSTEMS INC, that every Client will purchase and receive precise system they require. It serves no one but a salesman to install a system which is anything more than the specific energy goals every customer requires.
It is our goal to eliminate ambiguity during PV sales, ie. “Is solar right for you? … let me scratch it out on a piece of paper…” Powerhouse Systems CEO, Jake Thoene developed our own, proprietary software for complete system design, engineering and investment analysis. Called TEA, the Target Energy Analysis Program delivers accurate and reliable information from specific customer usage history data, revealing the transparent needs of every client.
POWERHOUSE SYSTEMS INC offers a “20 year Commercial and 15 year Residential, No-Out-of-Pocket Warrantee” option on every system we install. It is our deepest commitment to serve our clients in every aspect of construction. And with great confidence, we know the services we provide will profit them for many years to come.
At PowerHouse, we’re not satisfied with just meeting the minimum.  In addition to our general contractor’s license and C46 Solar Specialty, we’ve got all the industry certifications to prove we’re experts in our field: