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Solar installations or photovoltaic power systems (PV) take the energy from sunlight and turn it into electricity, to be used immediately, or stored.This allows a home or business to use this cost-saving, renewable resource to generate its own power. Even with the PV source, the building will continue to have access to the city’s power, if desired.The PV system often includes a UPS and separate set of batteries for specific systems, should there be a power outage from the city’s source.A Los Angeles electrician knows of the tools and guidelines to make sure the PV systems are within specifications and are correctly installed to give the most power for its potential.

Historically, when a system is installed, there is up to a 20% chance that there will be serious issues. With a Los Angeles electrician, the design will be followed to the smallest detail and the system’s performance will reach its fullest potential.By using the expertise of a Los Angeles electrician from Mega Sun Power Solar Electric, the project will be done correctly the first time. This saves you time and money, and you remain within your budget.Our Los Angeles Electrician Are Your ExpertThere are many components of a PV system. They include the PV array, the ground-fault protector, the DC fused switch, the converter from DC power to AC power, meters, the utility switch, the main service panel and the battery pack.Understanding all of the components and how they work together can be overwhelming. There are also several different ways to mount the panels: as shade for a porch, on the rooftop or separately.To create the most potential for the system, panels must be angled precisely. There are mathematical ormulas that are used just for this purpose.With experts at Mega Sun Power Electric, our Los Angeles electrician will take the guess work out of the project for you. We ensure components are within specifications, regulations and the design will work for you – electrically and aesthetically.Give us a call, or drop by for a quote or to speak with a Los Angeles electrician.
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