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  • Energy House
    122 E. Bullard Ave
    Fresno, CA 93710
    United States

36.823291, -119.787387

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv, solar pool heating
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california solar energy industries association
residential properties
Located in Fresno, The Energy House has been serving California’s Central Valley since 1984. We are deeply committed and dedicated to provide our customers with the highest quality in Residential Solar Power, Hot Tubs, Wood, Gas and Pellet Stoves, in addition to Portable Pools and Ceiling Fans. It is important for us to back these products with world class service. What that means for our customers is that our every decision is geared toward supporting their buying experience with the best ownership experience. In addition to having a highly-trained professional long term workforce, the Energy House ensures each employee is certified yearly, and has the knowledge and mastery of newest and latest technology. No other local company can say that. So whether you choose us to install a large-scale solar system, help you choose the right wood, gas or pellet stove, or the world’s number one hot tub for your home, our staff is qualified to assist you in all phases of any project. The Energy House makes the commitment of the right product for the right consumer, within their budget and time frame. Why Customers Choose Energy House: Commitment to High Quality Products and Services, Large Beautiful Showroom with Many Demo Models, Highest Customer Satisfaction Rating (94%), Close to 30 Years of World Class Service, Over 180 Years of Combined Experience, 6 Consecutive People’s Choice Awards, Highly Trained and Professional Staff, Committed to Best Ownership Experience.
Solar Electric Panels: