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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
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residential properties

Desert Energy Solutions a local based company dedicated to creating a Eco-Friendly cost effective future for you and your home. We specialize in all products green from solar panels to Natural lighting we are your ticket to a "Greener" home and a practically non existent utility bill.We are committed to cleaning up the environment with our products and services. Let one of our experts help you transform dreaded monthly bills into savings with cost-effective natural energy all while doing your part for the environment.

At Desert Energy Solutions we pride ourselves on a wide diversity of "energy efficient" products and services, for both Commercial and residential applications
including but not limited by any means:

     Insulation ,"Radiant barrier" Keeps out up to 90% of irradiant heat from your attic
     Insulation , "Green jeans "recycled jeans as sprayed in insulation
     Tank less  water heater ,    instant hot water without heating a tank all day
     Solar attic fan, helps keep the attic cooler,and the rest of the house
     Energy efficient Pool pumps can save up to 30% of total electric bill
     Window tinting , keeps out irradiant heat from living spaces ,protects furniture/belongings
     Window shades / ( CUSTOM)  awnings /Trellis    (Shade in the desert is important)
     outdoor misting systems  , can cool your outside environment up to 20 degrees
     sky lighting  Active / passive   lighting with no line voltage
     Solar Thermal pool heating ,additional pool heating from the sun

And after all or some energy efficiency measures have been taken to lesson your "usage" Desert Energy Solutions can then implement ; Solar photovoltaic ,small wind generator , battery back-up , gas generator back - up We can cut your energy consumption by some or all. Please go to our "contact Page" For a consultant to contact you for a FREE estimate