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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
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residential properties

This is a 24 modules, 225W, SunPower system. What would look like a straight forward installation had some challenges. The system was mounted on two roofs with different pitches. Yet the whole array had to be on the same plane both for aesthetic reasons and because only one inverter was used, hence all the modules had to have a similar real time performance. We have custom made 4 different leg lengths and attached them with 2 different angles on the two roofs to achieve the smooth,

The goal of American Solar Power Inc. is to facilitate the implementation of Solar Power where this natural resource is abundant. We intend to do that by filling in a current need for reliable solar PV installers, the last link of necessary professionals that will make independent, green energy a reality. You can always count on the reliability of our solar installations and the commitment of our people. We are there for you at every step of the way, from the decision to go solar to seeing your electricity meter spin backward after the solar installation. All our installations are supervised by an electrical engineer who is a NABCEP Certified Installer, the highest nationally recognized industry standard. Our next tier of performance is delivered by our General Contractor/ Electrician that leads the rest of our crew of experienced technicians and electricians. We sub-contract for other solar companies If you are a contractor with a solar system that needs to be installed, we will implem nt it for you. We ada t to your need by undertaking any phase of the project from site assessment to installation and handling the rebate application.