Advance Power

  • Advance Power
    6331 North State St
    Calpella, CA 95470
    United States

39.236291, -123.202746

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
KW's Installed: 0
residential properties

Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power Co Inc. has been a leader in the energy production industry since 1978. We have designed and installed thousands of solar, hydro and wind electrical systems throughout the world. Energy independence or grid support, our systems are superior in quality, design and function. Advance Power was the first California business to be solar and wind powered. We have been producing our own power, from our own solar panels, wind turbines, battery banks and inverters before most people and businesses were even aware of this technology. Even though we have local utility power (PG&E) our over 15,000 sq.

Our primary power system is supported by 6kW of API 185w solar panels. We also have 2 wind turbines (5kW API HAWT & 5kW API VAWT) and a 5kW solar system that are grid tied. Our independent power system can be replenished with this power anytime. Our "banked" grid power can be used anytime we want it at no cost to us. In fact every kWh we produce during the day is worth 3kWh at night. Grid failure, brownouts, surges, sags do not affect us. Our primary power system can supply power for up to a week without any external power production.The API total power solution is above the industry standard. API solar panels, API wind turbines, API industrial battery banks with watering systems and API industrial disconnects are all manufactured to our high standards and have the best warranties in the industry. Our proven track record plus our history of installations and designs, make Advance Power the leader in energy production, self sufficiency and energy independence.