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Types Of Energy Installed:
solar electric pv
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residential properties

Site evaluation to determine the utility savings.Solar systems including photo voltaic (electric) and passive and active thermal (hot water) systems.Building permits and rebates paper work. AC&R Service has been serving our customers since 1960. AC&R Service specializes in service and installation of residential and commercial systems, including:

Air conditioning systems deliver cooled air throughout the home, generally though ducts. The system draws in warm air and uses evaporation plus refrigerants such as Freon or Puron to cool it before redistributing it through the home. The cycle continues until the temperature matches the thermostat setting.Cooling is just one benefit of an air conditioning system. They also provide:Green Power solar systems are ingenious in design and function.We use quality components, that are amazingly simple and durable.Energy from the sun is FREE, renewable and practically instantaneous.Your Green Power dealer will put solar system modules on or near your home. These modules collect clean, safe energy from the sun. The conversion from sunlight into electricity occurs quickly and simply with no moving parts to wear out.A Green Power inverter box converts the solar electricity(DC current) into AC current, the correct form of electricity that you home uses.Your Green Power solar power system sends any excess power to your local utility company for credit, and your home meter actually runs backwards when your system is generating more power than your home is using. All your Green Power electricity generation is reflected in your utility bill reduction.