Easy Energy

  • Easy Energy, Llc
    625 W Deer Valley Rd, Suite 103-202
    Phoenix, AZ 85027
    United States

33.683155, -112.082037

Types Of Energy Installed:
solar hot water thermal
KW's Installed: 0
commercial properties, municipal

Since 2008, Easy Energy has installed more commercial solar thermal systems throughout the state of Arizona than any other company.  We know that solar thermal systems are up to 60% efficient in converting solar sunlight to useable heat energy and we are focused on bringing these heat energy solutions to our clients which include: Multi-family Housing Communities, Hotels, Senior Living Centers and retail Laundromats.

Easy Energy is an Arizona based company specializing in Solar Water Heating Solutions for Commercial applications in Arizona and California.  Our team members possess skills for fabrication, pipe fitting, general construction, administration, sales, engineering and project management.