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The week of Nov. 10 was a big one for solar energy news. A climate deal between the US and China means demand for solar energy could grow even faster than it has been. The Navy signed a deal with SolarCity to install rooftop solar panels on 6,000 on-base housing units and the first solar road opened in the Netherlands.

Solar road

The solar road is, by far, the sexiest of the solar news stories this week. Dutch company, SolaRoad engineered the 230-foot stretch of bike path that was installed and opened in Krommenie this week. The path, which includes solar panels encased in concrete and topped with treated glass, is expected to generate enough energy to fully power three homes.

The bike path is intended to be a three-year test of the technology that could prove it for roadways. With nearly 30 percent of the Dutch population commuting by bike, paths in the Netherlands get significant traffic, making it an ideal place to test this technology on a small-scale, but with heavy traffic and use.

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