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Pacific Pro Solar
Phone 951-689-0737 - 951-545-8577
Address 6892 Doolittle Avenue Suite C
Riverside, CA  92503
Types of Energy Solar Electric (pv)
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Pacific Pro Solar Group, Inc. (Pacific Pro Solar) is committed to providing energy saving solutions for residential and commercial customers. Our company provides, installs, and maintains solar electric systems on homes and businesses throughout California. Our team members are California certified electricians and take pride in their work. Pacific Pro Solar is a family owned California corporation and understands that CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS PRIORITY #1.

here are many reasons to make the major decision of having solar installed on your home or business. Maybe you want to be more environmentally friendly by powering your lights, computers, televisions, or air conditioner using a renewable source. Perhaps you realize the investment of getting solar far surpasses the returns you would otherwise receive at the bank or stock market. You may be nearing retirement and want to have fixed expenses and having solar electric installed is one way to curb electricity rate increases in the future.

There are many reasons to have solar electric installed on your home or business, let Pacific Pro Solar Group, Inc. be there for you to go through the possibilities.

Going solar is an easy way to go green. It is not only good for the environment, but good for your wallet as well. Let Pacific Pro Solar Group, Inc. show you how.


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