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For a state without a renewable portfolio standard, Arkansas has some decent solar incentives and rebates. And why not? The home of both HBO’s iconic Bangin’ in Little Rock documentary and, to possibly a bigger extent, our former president, Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton, Arkansas gets about five hours of sunlight per square meter. What’s that mean to you? Well, it means you should take advantage of all those potentially money-saving ultra violets and install a solar system.

Home and business owners who do decide to install solar can pick from a host of solar incentives and rebates offered in the state, such as Arkansas’ net metering program, and the state’s solar and wind rebate program.

So where do you start? Look no further. Either fill out our short solar inquiry form for a free estimate on a solar installation or look at the solar installers in our network, listed below.


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Solar Electric (pv)
LibcoSolar is Arkansas's dedicated provider of residential solar energy design, installation and service. High powered, low cost American made solar panels have made home generated electricity financially practical and personally reassuring. Private ownership of energy is the best financial risk management solution for an uncertain energy and economic future. Making your own electricity at home brings peace of mind knowing your energy costs will be affordable for the rest of your...
AddressHot Springs Village
 Hot Springs, AR  71909
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